NRAS works with similar animal groups within the Northern Rivers region as well as local Councils to assist with fostering and re-homing companion animals.

Whilst NRAS has a rescue Shelter in Ballina, the organisation will continue to operate on a fostering basis where voluntary carers provide temporary housing, shelter and comfort for its animals before they are ready or able to find a new family.   To view animals that are currently in NRAS' care, go to:



Foster cats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Some are friendly and relaxed and some less so.  

Some like attention and cuddles while others are cats that like to walk alone.  They each have a unique personality and usually manage to endear themselves to their foster carers.

Some you shed a tear for when they go off to a furever home but the great joy of fostering is providing a safe and loving environment for the next cat in need of a temporary, loving home.  

Leonardo DiCatrio.jpg

Leonardo DiCatrio, or Leo for short, arrived on his foster carers' doorstep in very early September and was their 9th NRAS foster cat.  At the time they thought they’d have the old chap for a while as older cats can often take longer to find “furever” homes.  

At 9 years of age Leo had quite a few miles on the clock.  He had been a very reluctant surrender and come from a loving home where circumstances had changed and he could no longer remain.  He settled into his foster home very quickly and established his position as master, with two servants responsible for fulfilling his every wish.  His purr motor only stopped when he went to sleep and he had perfected the head bump, the schmooze and the plaintive “I’m starving” meow.  

At 7.5 kilos it was hard to believe Leo had ever starved.  NRAS very quickly made Leo the Pet of the Week and all of a sudden adoption applications started rolling in.  It was about this time that the “wheels fell off the wagon” so to speak.  Leo’s foster carers were faced with the prospect of losing the big old cat they called Leo the Lion who had quickly wormed his way into their hearts.  These experienced foster carers had finally met their match.  They were about to become “foster fails”, the term NRAS applies to foster carers who can’t bear to let their foster animal go and so adopt it themselves.   These foster carers, who had in the past only owned “exotic” breeds of cat for which they had paid a lot of money, fell in love with Leo with his endearing ways and loving personality, a true old “moggy” without pedigree or a fancy breed name.

Despite or perhaps because of this he had found himself a “furever” home where he will be spoiled and treasured until the end of his days.                        Ros & Roger

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