NRAS works with similar animal groups within the Northern Rivers region as well as local Councils to assist with fostering and re-homing companion animals.

Whilst NRAS has a rescue Shelter in Ballina, the organisation will continue to operate on a fostering basis where voluntary carers provide temporary housing, shelter and comfort for its animals before they are ready or able to find a new family.   To view animals that are currently in NRAS' care, go to:



DASH was only my second foster dog experience. 

She was one of three Bull Arab X puppies who came for

1 night and ended up being part of our lives for a couple of months.

These little bubs came into care riddled with fleas and swollen bellies full of worms.  They had no energy and were not in a good way that we worried if they would  last the night!


But thankfully, with a lot of TLC they bounced back.

When her two sisters Olive and Myrtle were adopted, I knew Dash was destined for me and I couldn’t give her up. I decided to adopt her – a common condition in the industry they call “Foster Fail”! We are still in contact with Dash's sisters and sometimes catch up down at the beach.

It's been almost a year and Dash still has stomach issues after her rough start and a lot of allergies means she is a bit of a bubble dog but the team at VetLove Ballina have been amazing, especially Dr Sally who has been incredible, researching a million options we can try for Dash and even watching webinars on dogs with diarrhea on the weekends to see if we can try something new.


We still foster pups, dogs and even kittens from time to time until they find the right homes. The NRAS team of volunteers do an amazing job supporting animals in the community find the right forever homes.

They really are a bunch of legends, thank you!

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