NRAS works with similar animal groups within the Northern Rivers region as well as local Councils to assist with fostering and re-homing companion animals.

Whilst NRAS has a rescue Shelter in Ballina, the organisation will continue to operate on a fostering basis where voluntary carers provide temporary housing, shelter and comfort for its animals before they are ready or able to find a new family.   To view animals that are currently in NRAS' care, go to:



ROGUE came into our care on my birthday in February this year (2021) with her mum and two brothers.

The kittens were only nine-days old and Rogue was especially tiny - and clearly not well.  Her eyes didn’t look ‘normal’ and she was having trouble feeding from her mamma.  But, despite being unwell, she was still full of life and captured our hearts from the first day.


After a course of antibiotics and a week or two of

round-the-clock feeding with a little syringe, she

finally cracked 100g and was on her way!   

By the time she was 200g her brothers were both

over 400g, but once she was on solids, baby Rogue

ate like a champion.   Her eyes healed a little,

but it became apparent that she was blind and

would likely always be blind.  

Finally, she was over a kilo and ready to find a home

of her own.  But, there was one more problem that we hadn't anticipated ... we'd fallen completely in love with her and couldn't bear to let her go!!!  After five years of fostering, we had our first foster fail - and became a four-cat family!!!

We are still smitten with our little Rogue who

continues to amaze us with her ability, independence,

and navigational skills and we are looking forward to

a long and happy life with her.


            ♥Michelle and Sam, plus Atticus, Scout, Jem and Rogue

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