NRAS works with similar animal groups within the Northern Rivers region as well as local Councils to assist with fostering and re-homing companion animals.

Whilst NRAS has a rescue Shelter in Ballina, the organisation will continue to operate on a fostering basis where voluntary carers provide temporary housing, shelter and comfort for its animals before they are ready or able to find a new family.   To view animals that are currently in NRAS' care, go to:

Thanks to the concern of a Lismore Council worker these two siblings were rescued from Council’s Waste Management Depot after it appeared that Mumma cat had moved her litter leaving these little fellas behind.


Doing the right thing their saviour waited up to five hours for Mum’s return. When there was no reappearance by the end of his shift, the good Samaritan took them home and called the volunteers at Northern Rivers Animal Services.

The brothers were surrendered to NRAS within 24 hours.  They were just opening their eyes so were estimated to be as young as 10 days old and weighing in at a mere 170g each.  Imagine holding a full jar of your favourite condiment in one hand and you’ll get some perspective.



                                                                                   Under the watchful eye of one of NRAS’ more experienced carers, the boys, since named Walter & Sammy, were fed formula via a syringe every three hours for the first five days;  moving onto four-hourly bottle feeds and sleeping through the night before graduating to independent eating.

The boys were lucky to have been rescued from starvation at the Tip but also that NRAS has capable foster carers who are trained in hand-rearing to manage the more demanding foster cases.

To discuss further the ways you could assist the work of NRAS, please call:  (02) 6681 1860 or email: